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"It was decided then to expand the Monza collection with grey versions and models that contained the Calibre 12." It all started out as a single-time watch and became a whole collection. It was a great name, and it's still cool today. We know this helps a lot. "We owe Niki a huge thank you for his championship win at Monza. Another morecomplicated title may have changed destiny of the watch."

Eberle Devaux adds another Rolex Submariner Replica Watches gem to the conversation: "We have also found in the archives a watch that is very similar to the Monza: theModena. The watch can be found in a German catalogue, and we therefore assume that it was made specifically for the German market. So far, very few have been found. "This is one to watch out for."

The Monza race in 1975 was inspired by Niki Lauda's Ferrari and Niki himself.

The Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Monza is inspired by the legendary Niki Lauda win in F1.

Past Present

Eberle Devaux is also responsible for Rolex Submariner Replica Watches’s much-loved series of reissues. These began with the revival of Monaco in late 1990s and continued through a steady stream of milestone models. The brand has released two new watches this year: a limited edition Skipper and a new Autavia.Swiss Replica Watches Both were well received by the collector community. The brand has a new range of watches inspired by history: the Monaco, with Calibre 11 and the Carrera, with Calibre 18. We also have the Autavia, which was awarded the Revival Prize at the Grand rix d'Horlogerie. The four all feature theRolex Submariner Replica Watches Logo.

"But the museums cannot be viewed as an endless source of inspiration. We want to reinvent pieces without relying on nostalgia for our product development strategy. For example, the 2017 version of the "JochenRindt" Autavia is a result of an online voting involvingthe entire Rolex Submariner Replica Watchescommunity.

"The re-edition is Skipper represents a new kind of project. This is a ephemeral edition. The originals of this watch are extremely rare and expensive on the vintage market. It was fun working on it. The story behind the watch and its main events had to be mapped out. The idea was from Hodinkee and was Ben Clymer's and the team's work. It was never meant to be a model for TAGRolex Submariner Replica Watches’s historical collection."

Eberle Devaux is fine with re-editions,Patek Philippe Replica and she is also happy to see a new interpretation of a classic product. But what is more exciting is the chance to combine heritage products like the Connected Watch in a Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Carrera casing. She says, "To me, this is organic and natural as the Carrera was always ahead of its times." She does not want to spill the beans about new models, but she does acknowledge that "2018 will be the year of the Carrera as it celebrates its 55th birthday".